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Vill: Nakul, Rangia,

Assam 781354

Compulsory Apptitude Classes

Aptitude classes are being conducted on regular basis with full equipped facilities under experience hands.

Highly Qualified & Motivated Faculties

All the teaching staff/ faculty members are well trained and sufficiently qualified on their respective subjects/departments.

Yoga Classes

Yoga ia a great practice for both the body and the mind, it offers peace and mind-fulness to its lovers and helps them get through daily stress.

Well Equipped

Laboratories are well equipped with all the requirements of the students in order to learn practice and experiment.

Career Counselling

Students will be counseled for their career based on their abilities and interests.


Communication Skill

Well experienced people will help you to develop your communication skill which will help you for your future job needs.

Hostel Facility

We are equipped with boarding facilities for both boys & girls, where we follow a Routine for every activities.
1. Hygiene is our top priority.
2. Surveillance and Supervision.
3. Recreational Rooms.
4. First Aid Facilities.
5. Celebration of special occassions.

Sports Facilities For Students

Sports and health facilities are provided at its best in order to have the all-round development of your wards.

Special Classes for JEE/NEET by expert